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Fully Funded Sabanci University Scholarship In Turkey

Posted by on May 31st, 2021

Fully Funded Sabanci University Scholarship In TurkeyFully Funded Sabanci University Scholarship In Turkey is ongoing for interested students who want to apply. The Sabanci University, Turkey announced the opening of her Scholarship portal for students to put forward their applications for the 2021 academic session.

This Fully Funded Sabanci University Scholarship In Turkey is open to all International Students from all over the world. The program concerns those who want to undertake their Undergraduate Degree, Masters Degree or Doctoral Degree from Turkey.

Like major scholarship, Sabanci University Scholarship is fully funded  with almost all academic fields and majors included thus making it a nice ideal opportunity for you to apply for for Bachelors, Masters and PhD Degree program as it will cover all the expenses to pursue degree from Turkey.

Sabancı University was established in 1999 and located in Istanbul, Turkey. The University ranked between 351-400 worldwide. The university provides best education to all national and international students. University has wide range of study areas for Undergraduate, Masters and PhD degree program.


International students have the opportunity to gain admission scholarship at Sabancı University. Every international candidate, who applies to Sabanci University, is evaluated for a scholarship automatically when they fulfill the application requirements. However, please keep in mind that there are limited numbers of scholarships in all levels and competition is very keen. Thus, certain scores do not guarantee specific scholarship levels. While filling out the application form, you can fill in the related area to demonstrate that you would like to be considered for a scholarship. Yet, keep in mind that all applicants are automatically evaluated for scholarship even if they do not fill this section. Additionally, please note that there is a chance to request scholarships when you complete at least two semesters as SU with outstanding grades. See the scholarship option offered during studies.

Please note that your academic background, reference letters, exam results, transcripts, interview results and any document showing your academic success such as prizes in the competitions, any Olympiad certificates will be considered by the Scholarship Committee. Therefore, you should not miss out uploading these types of documents. Scholarship committee reserves the rights to request additional documents and/or conditions from prospective students. Once you are granted a scholarship during the admittance, it goes on for your regular education period.

All the courses available for study in Sabanci University

These are academic program offered by Sabanci University in academic session of 2020-21. List is given below:

Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

  1. Computer Science and Eng (BS, MS, PhD)
  2. Cyber Security (MS, PhD)
  3. Electronics Engineering (BS, MS, PhD)
  4. Energy Technologies and Management (MS, PhD)
  5. Industrial Engineering (BS, MS, PhD)
  6. Manufacturing Engineering (MS, PhD)
  7. Materials Science and Nano Eng (BS, MS, PhD)
  8. Mathematics (BS, MS, PhD)
  9. Mechatronics Engineering (BS, MS, PhD)
  10. Molecular Biology, Genetics and Bio engineering (BS, MS, PhD)
  11. Physics (MS, PhD)

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

  1. Cultural Studies (MS)
  2. Economics (BS, MS, PhD)
  3. History (MS, PhD)
  4. Political Science and International Relations (BS)
  5. Political Science (MS, PhD)
  6. Psychology (BS, MS)
  7. Turkish Studies (MS)
  8. Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design (BS, MS)

Sabanci Business School

  1. MSc Business Analytics (MS)
  2. Management (BS, PhD)
  3. MBA (MS)

How to Apply for the Fully Funded Sabanci University Scholarship In Turkey

The Fully Funded Sabanci University Scholarship In Turkey has an online application process. This is seen on their official website. To start your application please visit below links depending on the level of your education.

Undergraduate student Application Link 

Postgraduate Student Application Link


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